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Annual Milk Carton Regatta

Check out what happened our past Milk Carton Regattas, view videos, and see the final results!

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The Meadow Gold Milk Carton Regatta program was created in 1996 as a means to incorporate the areas of health, nutrition, science, and industrial arts in a fun setting for O'ahu middle and high school students. The program serves to raise students' awareness of health and nutrition when they use science and industrial arts applications to design, build and race a two-person boat made with Meadow Gold and Viva brand milk cartons.

Each Fall, public and private schools are invited to participate in the program and participating teachers are provided with 300 milk cartons, clear packaging tape, and a spending allowance to purchase additional supplies for each boat.

In April, school teams compete in the middle school or high school division, and two teams are assigned to each heat. Two students per team paddle their milk carton boat in a 100-200 meter course in the waters at Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park.

Student paddlers are required to wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets during the race, which is conducted by lifeguards from the City & County of Honolulu Water Safety Division. Two lifeguards are in the water throughout the event to assist any students, and a CPR certified first aid volunteer is also on hand.

Teams can also participate in the Display Presentation competition, which requires students to depict and explain the process they undertake in designing, building and testing their milk carton boat using scientific principles. The points awarded for the display presentation are deducted from the team's race time to obtain an overall time.

New for 2005 is the Health & Environment Workshop that will teach students about the importance of keeping Hawai'i's ocean waters clean and how to perform water quality testing; the elements of building ancient Hawaiian canoes; and skin cancer awareness. After the workshop, teams will be quizzed on the information learned, and points earned will be equivalent to seconds deducted from their overall race time.

Trophies and CompUSA merchandise certificates are awarded to the three teams with the fastest overall times in each division. First place teams each receive a $1,000 certificate, second place teams win a $750 certificate, and third place teams get a $500 certificate to use towards new technology and equipment for their schools.

The Most Creative Boat is awarded to one team in each division, and each team receives a trophy and gift certificates. Teams can also compete in the Most School Spirit event, which inspires teams to create cheers and uniforms or shirts. Community-minded companies donate prizes including Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, Pizza Hut, Jamba Juice and Blue Hawai'i Surf.

Participation is FREE and is open to any public and private school on O'ahu. For more information, please contact Joni Marcello, Strategic Marketing Manager at 944-5988.