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Community Donation Requests

Mahalo for your interest in Meadow Gold Dairies Hawai'i.

Meadow Gold Dairies is committed to supporting and nurturing Hawaii's communities, which we too live and work in. We feel strongly about giving back to Hawaii's communities to strengthen and foster a healthier and better tomorrow. We support a variety of organizations statewide.

Our efforts are focused in three main areas:

  • Health and nutrition (including hunger).
  • Education and the arts.
  • Environmental stewardship and conservation.

Donation Request

Like many companies, Meadow Gold Dairies receives many requests for donations. Because our resources are limited, we must make difficult choices about allocating our donations. We concentrate our giving in areas where we can make an impact. Our selection process follows these guidelines:

  • The requesting program or organization must fall into one of three areas:
    • Health and nutrition
    • Education and the arts
    • Environmental stewardship and conservation (agriculture, conservation of natural resources, animal welfare, preservation of culture and rural communities).
  • Special consideration is given to organizations that assist children, particularly children with disabilities or at-risk children.
  • Programs that provide direct service to individuals and communities in need.
  • Projects that offer measurable results that support one or all of the above criteria.
  • NEW - Special consideration is given to Non Profit Organizations as they align with the above criteria. Please submit verification of nonprofit status with the Donation Request Form. Please include Tax ID Number, Address and Contact Information.

To request a donation:

  1. Print and complete the Meadow Gold Community Donation Request Form.
  2. Obtain Non Profit Status-Verification Letter (as applicable).
  3. Submit forms to Meadow Gold via:
    • FAX: (808) 944-5901 - Attention: Marketing Department
    • EMAIL: - Subject Line: Donation Request
  4. Please submit request at least two weeks prior to the date your request is needed.
  5. Allow seven to 10 business days for a response.

Mahalo for your interest in Meadow Gold Dairies!